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The Harbinger's writer Jonathan Cahn and his deceptions of trying to use Zohar beliefs and paint it over as "biblical".

Kabbalah/New Age Gaining Ground in the Church Pt 2

Published on Nov 10, 2014
Part 2 of a series I am doing showing the detrimental occult elements of Kabbalah and how it has lead many Jews astray and other people as well. This video includes a very long lecture (so PLEASE make time to listen) by a Kabbalist who basically lays out the plan for not only Kabbalists, but something that is echoed loud and clear in the New Age movement, i.e. Echkart Tolle, and even in the deceived church, i.e. The Emergent Church and the Charismatic movement (Mormonism has a very similar Kabbalistic thought as well). I also slightly touch on The Harbinger's writer Jonathan Cahn and his deceptions of trying to use Zohar beliefs and paint it over as "biblical". If you are wanting to understand more of this and how it is playing out, this video is worth listening to.


Question: Does Rabbi Cahn draw from extra-biblical, mystical writings as his sources?
Answer:  No.  I only draw on one source for spiritual truth – the Bible. I only believe the Bible is the Word of God.  One may use quotes in writing from a variety of sources – but this is not to be confused with relying on any source for spiritual truth – apart from the Bible.

Question:  It is stated that Jonathan Cahn “says that Zohar, an extrabiblical, mystical source from which the occultic and mystical Kabbalah is derived, greatly influenced his writing.
Answer:  Unfortunately this kind of statements represents some of the extreme and bizarre opposition to The Harbinger – It is an extreme false accusation.
No. I have never in my life said that the Zohar has greatly influenced my writing – nor has it ever.
Rabbinical writings, mystical or otherwise, have been quoted for ages.


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National Prayer Network


By Rev. Ted Pike
15 May 13
One of the reasons Jewish control of big media is wrong is that it protects the sins of evil Jews, from Hollywood to New York to Tel Aviv, from being openly subjected to the cleansing effect of truthful analysis and criticism. This morally ghettoizes Jews, shielding them from the oxygen of constructive criticism, a force that functions to bless and mature everyone else. (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish)
This past week in New York City we saw yet more examples of the Jewish media’s misguided protectionism of Jews:
  • A congregant of a Hasidic Chabad Center, Claud Neufeld, was rearrested for child molestation. Neufeld was first arrested last October for sexually abusing an 8-year old boy inside the Chabad Lubavitch Center on Staten Island between December 1, 2009 and December 1, 2010. Yet he was allowed by Chabad’s rabbinic authorities to continue to visit the Chabad Center and associate with its children. He was rearrested last week for molesting a different boy inside the Center 10 times between January 14, 2011 and September 21, 2012.

    If a Catholic priest had molested an altar boy and been arrested in New York last week, it would have been international news. In fact, The New York Timesthis week dramatizes a 13-year old case in which the Archbishop of Newark, NJ failed to act promptly concerning charges of child molestation against one of his priests. This stimulated 11 pages of Yahoo! internet coverage of this “vital” issue. However, the relatively small Staten Island Advance and the “Failed Messiah” website are, to date, the only media reporting Neufeld’s arrest.

    One of my supporters, who lives on Staten Island, decided to see if, adequately alerted, the NYC primarily Jewish media would pick up the story. He talked to the news desks of the following NYC media, emphasizing the significance of yet another Jewish pedophile arrest: The New York TimesNew York PostNew York Daily News, WABC Ch. 7, WNBC Ch. 4, WCBS Ch. 2, Associated Press, XPIX 11 PV, FOX 5, and Ch. 9, NYC. To his knowledge, after nearly a week, there has been no mention in NYC media of it.
  • Last Friday the long-awaited trial of Jewish pedophile Rabbi Yosef Kolko began. The trial was soon over when Kolko admitted to pedophilia after several other victims came forward. He may face 15 years in prison. Here is an account of Kolko’s misdeeds from The Asbury Park Press:

    • In a tight-knit community of people accustomed to handling problems among themselves, one young boy bucked the trend.

      He accused a Yeshiva teacher and camp counselor of molesting him, and when a religious council of Orthodox Jews failed to take action against the man, the boy and his family went to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office for help.

      Because they skirted religious protocols, the boy and his family were ostracized by their community. Some in the community even embarked on a campaign to get the boy and his father to drop the criminal charges.

      And, a flier was circulated in Lakewood saying the boy’s father made a “mockery” of the Torah and committed a “terrible deed” by going to the secular authorities.

      But the family stood its ground. Now, six years after the alleged abuse occurred, the man accused of molesting the boy is set to go on trial in a case that likely is to be closely watched by Lakewood’s Orthodox Jewish community.

    Again, my supporter alerted the same NYC big media, speaking to the news departments. Although several international media reported on Kolko’s trial, I have been unable to locate any stories about it among the NYC big media print and TV outlets - except on the blogs of CBS and FOX which have few readers. NYC is the news center of the world. If they do not report it, it is unlikely it will be discovered or emphasized in media elsewhere. Needless to say, Christian media, such as pro-Zionist, evangelical Christian WorldNetDaily would never report such a story for fear it might be viewed as giving fodder to anti-Semites. Thus, evangelical Christian media and Jewish big media work in harmony to provide ironclad protection from public exposure to pedophiles within Orthodox Judaism.
  • In a similar way, in February 2013, Orthodox Rabbi Nechemya Weberman was sentenced to 103 years in prison (shortened automatically to 50 years because of statutory limits) because of multiple acts of sex weekly with a 12-year old Hasidic girl over a period of three years. Of course, the internet reveals his conviction received no play from most NYC big media.

Talmud Encourages Pedophilia
The phenomenon of sexual molestation of Jewish children is one perpetrated primarily by authority figures in Orthodox Judaism. This includes Hasidic rabbis of the largest Jewish organization in the world, Chabad. Such indulgence comes frommany encouragements of pedophilia in the Talmud, highest religious authority of modern Judaism.
Understandably then, we do not see rabbinic authorities rushing to launch investigations as to the cause of this scourge or encouraging the police and secular legal authorities to take action. The credibility of the Talmud, wellspring of modern Judaism, is on the line. Instead, there exists a persistent tendency among Jewish authorities to dawdle, send the offender to Israel or not respond to complaints of Jewish parents that their children are being molested.
This has recently become glaringly apparent in Melbourne, Australia, where sex offenders David Kramer and David Cyprys were allowed to continue to teach and associate with the youth of Chabad’s Yeshivah College (see Pedophilia 'Rampant' in Orthodox Judaism), even after complaints from parents that their children were being sexually molested. Yeshivah College is an independent, single-sex, Orthodox Jewish day school for boys. One parent testified in court that the director of Yeshivah College, Rabbi Yitzchak David Groner told him that, even though his 8-year old son had been sexually molested by Cyprys, he should not worry since children under 8 who had been sexually violated are not harmed. The father alleged that the rabbi told him he was informed by psychologists that sex at such an early age does not emotionally damage the child. If the father's testimony is true, it means that Groner is actually referencing the authority of the Talmud in Sanhedrin 69b. It says: “All agree that the [sexual] connection of a boy aged 9 years and a day is a real connection; whilst that of one less than 8 years is not.”
In the Soncino edition of the Talmud, the footnote to Sanh. 76a explains: “Marriage, of course, was then at a far earlier age than now.” Sanh. 69b says that if a woman allows herself to be penetrated by her minor son, she is fit to marry a priest. This is because a minor is not considered a “man” by the Talmud in the fullest sense. Thus, according to the Talmud, sex with a minor is of no moral or legal importance to the Jew (Sanh. 52b). A woman might, in fact, have sexual relations with a young boy without questions of morality even being brought up. “A small boy who has intercourse with a grown-up woman makes her [as though she were] injured by a piece of wood” (Kethoboth 11b). The footnote to this passage says: “Although the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act, nevertheless, the woman is injured by it as by a piece of wood.”
In my article, “Pedophilia: The Talmud's Dirty Secret,”as well my book, “Israel: Our Duty...Our Dilemma,” (available at I fully document the Talmud's frequent and whole-hearted encouragement of sex with 3-year old girls. The Talmud says of baby girls that “Scripture speaks of them as 'fit for cohabitation'” (Yebamoth 60b). These many passages agree with Rabbi Groner that underage sex between a rabbi and a child is of no great moral, physical, medical or spiritual consequence. “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl, it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this (three years and a day) it is as if one put the finger in the eye” (Keth. 116). The footnote to this passage says that as “tears come to the eye again and again so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years”. (See end of article for scans of these passages.)
Of course, any credible psychologist would insist that sex between an adult man and an 8-year-old boy or girl has a lasting and extremely traumatizing effect, both physically and emotionally.  That is why it is legally characterized as abuse. If Rabbi Groner did in fact base a further three years of inaction in this case upon the Talmud’s authority, it powerfully confirms that, just beneath the surface of the pedophilia scourge among Orthodox authorities, there exists secret encouragement and tolerance of sex with minors. That is why those in Orthodox Judaism most familiar with the Talmud, the rabbis, Yeshiva teachers and other authority figures –not the common laity – are most guilty of pedophilia.
Dean of Yeshiva Univ. Says: “Don’t Report Pedophilia”
New York’s Yeshiva University is the most prestigious “Ivy League” center of Orthodox Jewish education in the world. Yet, because  the epidemic of pedophilia in Orthodox Judaism is spreading so widely and rapidly, particularly threatening Talmudic-oriented leadership and institutions of learning, one of Yeshiva’s top deans, international Talmud expert, Hershel Schachter, in February recommended that Jews no longer report incidences of pedophilia to civil authorities. The Forward says Schachter “...cautioned against reporting abuse to the authorities without first seeking advice from a Torah scholar, because, he said, police and social service workers often 'don’t handle the situation properly.'” Schachter also says that children can't be depended upon to tell the truth. He wants boards of rabbis/psychologists to now field all Jewish complaints of child molestation, only going to authorities as the last recourse. Schachter's recommendation is particularly ominous, since, as the Forward quotes one rabbi, “Hundreds of rabbis hang on [Schachter's] every word and interpret his every utterance as binding Jewish law...” Contrary to hopes of reformers, the already close-knit Orthodox community, especially with Schachter’s encouragement, is not opening itself to investigation—especially investigation into the unmentionable Talmudic basis for Jewish pedophilia.
Again, if a Catholic archbishop or dean of a prestigious Catholic university, such as Notre Dame or Georgetown Univ., issued an edict that pedophilia by priests not be reported to police, they would be immediately fired—not to mention derided in world media for such blatant self-protection of the Catholic Church.
Schachter’s recommendation, however, although posted in the well-known Jewish Forward, drew no attention, much less criticism, from big media. There, Jewish pedophiles, unlike Catholic ones, are a virtually protected species. The public has not been educated to expect Orthodox, “Torah-believing” Jews to be capable of pedophilia. Instead, especially for tens of millions of Christian evangelicals, even Jewish pedophiles are above being “cursed” through criticism. They remain untouchable as “God's chosen people.”



Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
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National Prayer Network Special Report


By Rev. Ted Pike
22 Sep 06

Today, Judaism, more than any religion, has rejected moral judgments against homosexuality, and supports the gay agenda. Reform Judaism, representing 39 percent of American religious Jews, is now in total endorsement of sodomy. It says:
We hold that homosexuality is no longer {an abomination}; it is not a mental illness or social deviancy; it is not a perversion of the natural order. Homosexuality is not a choice or a preference; it is not something that one decides to do or abstain from doing. It is, like, heterosexuality, the way one is. As such it makes no sense on religious or moral grounds to differentiate between people on the basis of sexual orientation.
Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union For Reformed Judaism, concurs:
For the first time in history, a major rabbinical body has affirmed the Jewish validity of committed, same-gender relationships1
Conservative rabbis, who lead 33 percent of religious Jews, announce they will soon ordain gay rabbis and encourage homosexuality for Jewish men and women who are so inclined. 2
Orthodox Judaism, 21 percent of American religious Jews, has not yet outwardly endorsed homosexuality. In fact, it officially forbids homosexual relations between adults.
But in the Talmud, the highest religious, ethical and legal authority for Orthodox Jews, we find a very different, shocking reality: little boys under the age of nine (delectable objects of homosexual lust) are repeatedly described as incapable of “throwing guilt” on the adult who rapes them!
How does the Talmud reach such a perverted conclusion? The Talmud considers in depth the question: “What disqualifies a woman from eligibility to marry a Jewish priest?” The Old Testament says sexual immorality does. Yet the Talmud repeatedly asserts that a grown-up woman can have sex with boys under the age of nine. There is a difference of opinion among the most eminent rabbis about whether this disqualifies her from being the wife of a priest. Yet all agree that such intercourse is not sexual activity, and neither she nor the little boy have done anything wrong.
The precedent of women being encouraged into pederasty creates deep moral reverberations: a little boy is without moral protection. His rape is not even a moral issue. It is consequently not hard to imagine how Jewish homosexuals, already lusting after little boys (chickens, in their vocabulary), could find justification in the Talmud’s rationalization.
Here’s what the Talmud says. The Talmud teaches that since little boys aren’t sexually mature, molesting them has no moral implications. Because such a minor isn’t a “man” in the mature sense, the boy and his sexual predator are exempted from the Mosaic ban on homosexuality. It says, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind.” (Lev. 18:29) 3
Sanhedrin 69b summarizes: “All agree that the connection of a boy age nine years and a day is a real connection; while that of one less than eight years is not.” 4 The majority opinion in Sanh. 55a states: “Rab. said: pederasty with a child below 9 years of age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that…” “…Rab. maintains that only he who is able to engage in sexual intercourse, may, as the passive subject of pederasty, throw guilt [upon the active offender]; while he who is unable to engage in sexual intercourse cannot…” 5
The rabbis agreed that a woman could have sexual relations with a young boy without it even being considered a sexual act: “A small boy who has intercourse with a grown-up woman makes her [as though she were] injured by a piece of wood” (Kethuboth 11b). The footnote to this passage says, “Although the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded a sexual act, nevertheless the woman is injured by it as by a piece of wood” (i.e. she has not sinned, but is perhaps disqualified from marrying a priest). 6 The Talmud discusses such female pederasty ostensibly to determine if a woman, by such intercourse, becomes disqualified to marry a priest. Yet the Talmud opens a wide gate for all Jewish child molesters, male or female, to indulge in sex with boys under nine, free from blame. After all, the Talmud nullifies the Mosaic ban on same-sex with "mankind," teaching that a sexually immature boy is not a "man." Is this not a green light for Jewish homosexuals?
Such teaching is not accidental. The ancient rabbis, sexual perverts, made careful provision for their deviant sexual indulgences. They repeatedly made the Talmud’s text crystal-clear: boys of eight, as minors, can’t “throw guilt” on the Jewish adult who is the active offender against them.
Jewish apologists absurdly argue that these passages, affirming the moral neutrality of sex with little boys, are expressions of concern to maintain the innocence of the eight year old boy who has been raped. The truth is, they mean to preserve pedophiles from guilt!
Isn’t the Talmud Outdated?
It might be objected that, just as there exist outdated practices in the Old Testament such as polygamy and capital punishment to homosexuals, so, isn’t it possible that even though the Talmud sanctions pederasty, this permission is no longer taken seriously by Orthodox Judaism?
If Talmudic Judaism had undergone a new “Age of Grace” (as did Christian Jews), making obsolete primitive, moral behaviors, the above argument might have weight.
But Judaism has not undergone such a revolution. Orthodoxy still considers those who wrote the Talmud, the Pharisees, to be the most transcendent spiritual lights Judaism will ever know. When great rabbis speak, the Talmud teaches, they do so out of memory of what they have learned in previous existence in the presence of God! So morally binding are the decrees of Talmudic sages, that when their Sanhedrin speaks through a majority, even God must go along with their decision. 7
Christ, in His vitriolic attacks on the founders of Talmudic Judaism, the Pharisees, accused them of “all uncleanness” (Matt. 23:27). By “all,” He may have implied that pederasty, even then, was endorsed and practiced by Pharisees.
Today, while Orthodox Judaism presents itself as taking a strong stand against moral perversion, its most venerated sacred literature, the Talmud, continues to provide Jews a loophole for pederasty.
Anything to Win
For 1700 years, Orthodox-Talmudic Judaism was virtually the only kind of Judaism, including within it, Hassidism or the practice of Kabbalah. In the late 18th century, Reform Judaism emerged and, a century later, Conservative. While Orthodox Judaism may seem to remain a bastion of traditional family values, as we have seen, it is not.
Perhaps it is this double standard within Orthodox Judaism’s most sacred literature that allows Orthodox Jew Abe Foxman (See, "ADL's Foxman: Man of Faith?"), head of the Anti-Defamation League, to affirm his own moral contradictions. Foxman promotes religious education in Talmud and Kabbalah for Jewish youth. Yet he gives tacit approval to male homosexuals, a high percentage of whom prey on underage boys. The boy-molesting homosexuals of the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) are in solid agreement with the Talmud that sex with underage boys is of no moral consequence.
How can the evil leaders of Judaism today allow such a contradiction? Answer: they are so consummately evil that they will do anything to destroy Christian civilization and prevail over it—even if it means encouraging their own youth to become homosexual “shock troops."
Why Does ADL Support Homosexuality?
ADL knows the fastest way to destroy existing society is through homosexuality. Historically, no nation pervaded by sodomy endured for long. It’s for this reason that Jewish Bolshevik Bella Kuhn, conquering Hungary after the Russian Revolution in 1917, force-fed homosexuality into the curriculum of public education, transforming Hungary’s youth into moral degenerates. The same thing is happening today as ADL promotes homosexuality in our school system, even from the kindergarten level.
Several years ago, through Barnes and Noble bookstores, ADL promoted homosexuality through their “No Place for Hate” program. It encouraged families visiting the bookstores to invite a homosexual couple to their home for an evening. This would teach kids, ADL suggested, that there’s no truth in Christian judgments against sodomy. Gays, ADL says, are some of the nicest, most non-threatening folks your kids can get to know.
In major US cities, ADL indoctrinates city governments, schools, even liberal churches, that Biblical Christians are gripped by a psychiatric disorder: “homophobia.” ADL says bigoted Christians persecute homosexuals, and are motivated by “hate literature,” the Bible.
Outlawing Criticism of Sodomy
Yet ADL wants more than to persuade our children to become homosexuals. It seeks special legal protection for homosexuality, making it a “hate crime” to exhibit bias or discrimination against those who practice it. ADL wants homosexuals protected, not just in housing, employment and same-sex marriage, but even from words! ADL claims it should be illegal to even criticize same-sex behaviors in public.
To create these laws, ADL has contrived a twisted definition of hate: “bias” against homosexuality. In countries such as Canada, thanks to ADL/B’nai B’rith federal and provincial hate laws, public expressions of such bias on the air waves, print media, or even on the street corner, can mean exorbitant fines or imprisonment. If a talk show host even suggests that homosexuals have a higher rate of AIDS, he can be fined and jailed, and the radio station airing his “hate” can lose its broadcast license.
In Canadian hate crime court, only the feelings of homosexuals, not truth, matter. If a homosexual feels “intimidated” by public criticism, he can file hate crimes charges against the critic. The truth will never be allowed in court. If a Christian has been found guilty of hurting a homosexual’s feelings, he can face a $10,000 fine. If he persists in criticizing homosexuals, he may face years in prison.
Ancient Rivalry With Christianity
Why does organized Jewry, whether from Foxman on the Judaic right or Rabbi Eric Yoffie on the left, seem so intent to weaken Christian society?
It’s because Judaism, in all its branches, is but the continuation of a grudge conceived thousands of years ago by the Pharisees against Jesus and His followers. These ancient “blind guides,” the leading elite for Jews to this day, were convinced they had a divine mandate to eclipse Gentile power and dominate the nations. As long as Gentile moral values remain strong, this can never happen.
Yes, Jews could dwell at peace if they followed God’s directive to “seek the welfare of the cities where I have sent you into exile” (Jeremiah 29:7). But rabbinic Judaism wants much more than that. It intends, through eventual, uncontested power, to literally create its own messianic new world order.
Two thousand years ago, Israel rejected and crucified her first spiritual husband and only Messiah, scorning His promise of a spiritual kingdom of God in their hearts. Judaism today awaits a messiah who will share and legitimize an earthly kingdom for Jews in the most global, physical way. That is an impossible dream for a people numbering only about 15 million, unless Jewish energies are carefully focused toward destruction of the two greatest barriers to their success: Christianity and free enterprise capitalism.
Why Are Most Jews Liberals?
It is thus no mystery why Jews are predominantly liberal, Marxist, pro-homosexual, and anti-Christian. This tiny minority of 2.5 percent of the American population have gravitated toward, and succeed in controlling, media, finance, and government. This control is necessary for one great purpose: to fulfill the Talmudic dream of world dominion.
Of course, many liberal Jews are without any conception of being directed toward such global governance. No matter. What is important is that Jewish leadership, especially over the last several centuries, has supplied the premises and propaganda which directs and molds the Jewish masses, even their intellectuals, into liberal ways of thinking and reacting.
In the history of the Jews—whether in ancient Babylon or countries of Europe or the east— lies a consistent cycle of Jews being allowed into Gentile nations, becoming financially oppressive and morally corruptive, and then being expelled.
How do we explain this? Establishment historians say this cycle is entirely due to Gentile (especially Christian) bigotry. Not so. The nations of antiquity would have been just as willing as we to let Jews peacefully coexist among them. Instead, the Jews, forced to obey the overweening dictates of the Pharisees in the Talmud and Kabbalah, were always compelled to attempt to destroy the societies that sheltered them. The leaders of “organized world Jewry,” primarily the World Jewish Congress, then ADL/B’nai B’rith, continues this incitement today.
Jews as Homosexual Activists
Considering the wholesale encouragement of homosexuality, especially in Reform Judaism, it isn’t surprising that Jewish activists have spearheaded the gay rights movement. Jewish homosexuals constitute a disproportionately large percentage of leadership and staff of major homosexual organizations. Here are a few of the largest, and the Jewish-sounding names of those who run them:
The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) 
Joe Solomonese* President
Board of Directors: Mike Berman, Marty Lieberman, Andy Linsky, Dana Perlman, Scott Weiner
Lara Schwartz, Senior Counsel
Human Rights Campaign Foundation Board: Jay Oppenheimer, Hilary Rosen, Marty Lieberman, Andrea Sharrin*
Board of Governors: Fritz Beesemyer, AJ Bockelman, Cathy Ebert, Don Epstein, Patty Fink, Glen Freedman, Christopher Stenger, Brian Stranghoner, Brian Suber, Michael Lappin, Lisa Zellner, Molli Levin
Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)
Board of Directors: William Weinberger (Treasurer), Judy Gluckstern (Secretary),
GLAAD Members: Ilene Chaiken, Tanya Grubich, Mark Reisbaum, Carol Rosenfeld, Steve Seidmon, Jeffrey Sosnick, Jeff Soukup, Steven Rozencraft*
Jennifer Oritz, Assoc. Director of Special Events
Jillian Waldman, Major Gifts Officer, LA
Jennifer Glenhorn,* Communications Director

Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) 

Ron Schlittler, Deputy Executive Director
Craig Ziskin, Development Director
Staff Counsel: Lara Schwartz
Directors: Carole Benowitz, Dody Goldstein, David Horowitz, Rebecca Shiff, Daniel Tepfer
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force 
Jeff Soref, Chair
Marsha Botver, Vice Chair
Roberta Achtenberg, Senior Advisor to CEO
Loren S. Ostrow, Attorney
Paula Redd Zenan, Human Resources Commissioner
Michael Aller, Director of Tourism and Convention
Allan Horowitz, Coordinator, Out For Equity Progress
Sandi Greene, Chief Operations Officer
Roberta Sklara, Director of Communications
Monique Hoeflinger, Organizing and Training Director
Becky Levin, Senior Strategist
S. T. Cohen, Phillipe Leber, Alex Breitman, Development Interns
Todd Kimmelman, Shavla Sellars, Major Gift Officers
The Mystery of Israel
Nineteen hundred years ago, Christ characterized Jerusalem as “Sodom and Egypt” (Rev. 11:8). “Sodom” is synonymous with homosexuality.
Judaism’s false messiah, anti-Christ, in the book of Ezekiel, is described as the “profane prince of Israel” (Ezek. 21:25). He is also described as “having no regard for the desire of women” (Dan. 11:37). As Christ was celibate, so this diabolical mimic of all of Christ’s attributes will abstain from sex with a woman—yet for the wrong reason: he is a Jewish homosexual.
Judaism’s dalliance with homosexuality has existed for a long time, and will continue, until “Sodom and Egypt” of the future, like Sodom of the past, will be desolated by fire (Rev. 17:16).
Yet, from the unspeakable wickedness of liberal Jewish activism today, Christ will raise up a purified remnant of Jews who will trust in Him as passionately as their fathers reviled Him.
Most Christians know that in rejecting and crucifying Christ, Israel fell from grace into apostasy. What they don’t comprehend is the abysmal depth and darkness of that apostasy! They do not really perceive what Christ meant when He said to the Jews, “Your house is left unto you desolate” (Matt. 23:38).
At the same time, the mortal mind can’t truly comprehend the astounding grace of Christ to redeem and resurrect the descendants of today’s anti-Christ Jewish activists.
St. Paul calls the whole saga of Israel a “mystery” (Rom. 11:25). God hasn’t allowed Judaism to become so evil in order to confirm the claim of anti-Semites—that Jews are the most degenerate of races. Rather, the “mystery” of their apostasy, and eventual redemption, testifies to His astonishing mercy.
If He will someday resurrect a whole nation from the most abysmal spiritual darkness, then who are you and I to think our sins too black for Him to cleanse? As He will restore the repentant remnant to His favor for a thousand years (See, "Bible Prophecy Made Simple"), each one of us, though we may have alienated Him very deeply, can find intimate friendship with Him now and for eternity. How? By repenting and trusting Him for the rest of our lives.
This is the whole purpose of our existence—to discover the One who created us and become His friend forever.
Someday, the Jewish remnant will indeed come to Christ, after enduring the greatest suffering in the history of mankind.
That’s not necessary for you. You can trust Him now.

*Likely but not certain to be a Jewish name
1 Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) Responsum, 1996, plus comment by Rabbi Eric Yoffie, quoted by Religious Action Center of Reformed Judaism.
2 Forward, “Key Rabbis Say Conservative Judaism Will Lift Gay Ban,” Jennifer Siegel, Aug 25, 2006.
3 Sanhedrin 52b asserts that sex with a minor is exempt from punishment.

4 Sanhedrin 69b says sex with a boy of younger than eight is not really sex.

5 Sanhedrin 55a says pederasty with a boy younger than nine is morally neutral.

6 Kethuboth 11b states underage boys can’t throw guilt on those who sexually assault them.

7 The Talmud relates how Moses ascended to heaven and there beheld Rabbi Akiba (still unborn) expounding the Torah “in a wondrous manner” (Menachoth 29b). By majority decision, the most eminent Talmudic rabbis could overturn anything Moses said. If a particular rabbi was acclaimed by his fellow Pharisees as the greatest of that generation, then “he is, by virtue of his position as chief of the courts of justice, invested with the same authority as Moses (Sifra, Deut. 1:53; R. H. 25ab). Even when they decide that left should be right, or right left, when they are mistaken, or misled in their judgment, they must be obeyed (R. H. 25a). Heaven itself kneels to the authority of the earthly court of justice…” (“Authority,” Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 337).

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
Learn much more about the threat of liberal Jewish activism at Google's video site shows Rev. Pike's videos, The Other Israel, Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians, and Why the Mid-East Bleeds, in their entirety, free of charge.
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List of Christian evangelists involved in scandals

Aimee Semple McPherson, 1920s–40s

One of the most famous evangelist scandals involved Canadian-born Aimee Semple McPherson in the 1920s, who allegedly had an extramarital relationship and faked her own death as a cover. She later claimed that she had been kidnapped, but a grand jury could neither prove that a kidnapping occurred, nor that she had faked it. Roberta Semple Salter, her daughter from her first marriage, became estranged from Semple McPherson and successfully sued her mother's attorney for slander during the 1930s. As a result of this she was cut out of her mother's will. Aimee Semple McPherson died in 1944 from an accidental overdose of barbiturates.

Lonnie Frisbee, 1970s–1980s

Lonnie Frisbee was an American closeted gay Pentecostal evangelist and self-described "seeing prophet" in the late 1960s and 1970s who despite his "hippie" appearance had notable success as a minister and evangelist. Frisbee was a key figure in the Jesus Movement and was involved in the rise of two worldwide denominations (Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard Movement). Both churches later disowned him because of his active homosexuality, removing him first from leadership positions, then ultimately firing him. He eventually died from AIDS in 1993.

Billy James Hargis, early 1970s

Hargis was a prolific author and radio evangelist. Hargis formed American Christian College in 1971 in order to teach fundamentalist Christian principles. However, a sex scandal erupted at the College, involving claims that Hargis had had sex with male and female students. Hargis was forced out of American Christian College's presidency as a result. Further scandals erupted when members of Hargis' youth choir, the "All American Kids", accused Hargis of sexual misconduct as well. The college eventually closed down in the mid-1970s. Hargis denied the allegations publicly.

Marjoe Gortner, early 1970s

Gortner rose to fame in the late 1940s as a child preacher, but he had simply been trained to do this by his parents and he had no personal faith. He was able to perform "miracles" and received large amounts of money in donations. After suffering a crisis of conscience, he invited a film crew to accompany him on a final preaching tour. The resulting film, Marjoe, mixes footage of revival meetings with Gortner's explanations of how evangelists manipulate their audiences. It won the 1972 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, but was never screened in the Southern United States due to fears that it would cause outrage in the Bible Belt.[1]

Jim and Tammy Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart, 1986 and 1991

Swaggart's confession where he declared to his congregation on television, "I have sinned against you, my Lord", became an iconic image of the 1980s[2]
In 1986, evangelist Jimmy Swaggart began on-screen attacks against fellow televangelists Marvin Gorman and Jim Bakker. He uncovered Gorman's affair with a member of Gorman's congregation, and also helped expose Bakker's infidelity (which was arranged by a colleague while on an out-of-state trip).[3] These exposures received widespread media coverage. Gorman retaliated in kind by hiring a private investigator to uncover Swaggart's own adulterous indiscretions with a prostitute.[4] Swaggart was subsequently forced to step down from his pulpit for a year and made a tearful televised apology in February 1988 to his congregation, saying "I have sinned against you, my Lord, and I would ask that your precious blood would wash and cleanse every stain until it is in the seas of God's forgiveness."[5][6]
Swaggart was caught again by California police three years later in 1991 with another prostitute, Rosemary Garcia, who was riding with him in his car when he was stopped for driving on the wrong side of the road. When asked why she was with Swaggart, she replied, "He asked me for sex. I mean, that's why he stopped me. That's what I do. I'm a prostitute."[7]

Peter Popoff, 1987

A self-proclaimed prophet and faith healer in the 1980s, Popoff's ministry went bankrupt in 1987 after magician and skeptic James Randiand Steve Shaw debunked his methods by showing that instead of receiving information about audience members from supernaturalsources, he received it through an in-ear receiver.[8]

Morris Cerullo, 1990s

A number of incidents involving California-based televangelist Morris Cerullo caused outrage in the United Kingdom during the 1990s. Cerullo's claims of faith healing were the focus of particular concern. At a London crusade in 1992, he pronounced a child cancer sufferer to be healed, yet the girl died two months later. Multiple complaints were upheld against satellite television channels transmitting Cerullo's claims of faith-healing, and a panel of doctors concluded that Cerullo's claims of miraculous healing powers could not be substantiated. Cerullo also produced fund-raising material, which was condemned as unethical by a number of religious leaders, as it implied that giving money to his organisation would result in family members becoming Christians.[9]

Mike Warnke, 1991

Warnke was a popular Christian evangelist and comedian during the 1970s and 1980s. He claimed in his autobiography, The Satan Seller(1973), that he had once been deeply involved in a Satanic cult and was a Satanic priest before converting to Christianity. In 1991,Cornerstone magazine launched an investigation into Warnke's life and testimony. It investigated Warnke's life, from interviews with over one hundred personal friends and acquaintances, to his ministry's tax receipts. Its investigation turned up damaging evidence of fraud and deceit. The investigation also revealed the unflattering circumstances surrounding Warnke's multiple marriages, affairs, and divorces. Most critically, however, the investigation showed how Warnke could not possibly have done the many things he claimed to have done throughout his nine-month tenure as a Satanist, much less become a drug-addicted dealer or become a Satanic high priest.

Robert Tilton, 1991

Tilton is an American televangelist who achieved notoriety in the 1980s and early 1990s through his paid television program Success-N-Life. At its peak it aired in all 235 American TV markets. In 1991, Diane Sawyer and ABC News conducted an investigation of Tilton. The investigation, broadcast on ABC's Primetime Live on November 21, 1991, found that Tilton's ministry threw away prayer requests without reading them, keeping only the money or valuables sent to them by viewers, garnering his ministry an estimated $80 million USD a year. In the original investigation, one of Tilton's former prayer hotline operators claimed that the ministry cared little for desperate followers who called for prayer, saying that Tilton had a computer installed in July 1989 to make sure that the phone operators were off the line in seven minutes. Tilton sued ABC for libel in 1992, but the case was dismissed in 1993, and Tilton's show was off the air by October 30, 1993.

W. V. Grant, 1996 and 2003

Grant is an evangelist who was imprisoned for tax evasion in 1996. After restarting his ministry upon release, a TV investigation found that claims of healing he made at a 2003 revival in Atlanta were false.

Roy Clements, 1999

Clements was a prominent figure within British evangelical christianity. In 1999, he revealed he was in a homosexual relationship with another man, resigned his pastorship, and separated from his wife. He had written a number of well-received books which were withdrawn from sale when the news broke.[10]

John Paulk, 2000

John Paulk (no relation to Earl Paulk) is a former leader of Focus on the Family's Love Won Out conference and former chairman of the board for Exodus International North America. His claimed shedding of homosexuality is also the subject of his autobiography Not Afraid to Change. In September 2000, Paulk was found and photographed in a Washington, D.C. gay bar, and accused by opponents of flirting with male patrons at the bar. Later questioned by gay rights activist Wayne Besen, Paulk denied being in the bar despite photographic proof to the contrary. Initially, FoF's Dr. James Dobson sided with Paulk and supported his claims. Subsequently, Paulk, who himself had written about his habit of lying while he openly lived as a homosexual, confessed to being in the bar, but claimed he entered the establishment for reasons other than sexual pursuits. Paulk retained his Board seat for Exodus, however he did so while on probation. Paulk did not run again for chairman of the board of Exodus when his term expired.

Paul Crouch, 2004

Paul Crouch is the founder and president of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, or TBN, the world's largest evangelical Christian television network, as well as the former host of TBN's flagship variety show, Praise the Lord. In September 2004, the Los Angeles Times published a series of articles raising questions about the fundraising practices and financial transparency of TBN, as well as the allegations of a former ministry employee, Enoch Lonnie Ford, that he had a homosexual affair with Crouch during the 1990s. The Times spoke with several sources that claimed that other evangelists such as Benny HinnJack Hayford, and Paul's son Matthew were aware that an affair had taken place. TBN denied the allegations, claiming that Ford's claims were part of an extortion scheme and that the Times was a "left-wing and anti-Christian newspaper" for publishing the articles. In 2005, Ford submitted to and passed a lie detector test on the ION Televisionprogram Lie Detector (TV series).

Douglas Goodman, 2004

Douglas Goodman, an evangelical preacher, and his wife Erica were pastors of Victory Christian Centre in LondonEngland. The church was one of the largest in the United Kingdom. He came into notoriety when he was jailed for three and a half years for the sexual assault of four members of his congregation in 2004. VCC was closed by the Charity Commission but his wife Erica started a new church Victory to Victory in Wembley. Douglas has upon his release resumed full pastoral ministry alongside his wife.[11][12][13][14][15]

Kent Hovind, 2006

Kent Hovind is an American Baptist minister and Young Earth creationist. He is most famous for creation science seminars, in which he argues for Young Earth creationism, using his self-formulated "Hovind Theory." He has been criticized by both the mainstream scientific community and other creationists. In 2006, Hovind who also has a reputation as a tax protestor had been charged with falsely declaring bankruptcy, making threats against federal officials, filing false complaints, failing to get necessary building permits, and various tax-related charges. He was convicted of 58 federal tax offenses and related charges, for which he is currently serving a ten-year sentence.[16]

Ted Haggard, 2006

Ted Haggard was the pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado and was the president of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) from 2003 until November 2006. Haggard's position allowed him occasional access to President George W. Bush. In 2006 it was alleged that Haggard had been regularly visiting a male prostitute who also provided him with methamphetamine. Haggard admitted his wrongdoing and resigned as pastor of New Life church and as president of the NAE. The high-profile case was significant also because it immediately preceded the 2006 mid-term elections and may have even affected national voting patterns[citation needed]. In January 2009, Haggard admitted to a second homosexual relationship with a male church member on CNN-TV and other national media, and when asked, would not directly answer a question about his other possible homosexual relationships.[17]

Paul Barnes, 2006

Paul Barnes is the founder and former senior minister of the evangelical church Grace Chapel in Douglas County, Colorado. He confessed his homosexual activity to the church board, and his resignation was accepted on December 7, 2006.[18] He started the church in his basement and watched it reach a membership of 2,100 in his 28 years of leadership. This scandal was notable because it was similar to Ted Haggard's (above), it occurred in the same state (Colorado) and around the same time (late 2006).

Lonnie Latham, 2006

In 2006, Latham, the senior pastor of South Tulsa Baptist Church and a member of the powerful Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, was arrested for "offering to engage in an act of lewdness" with a male undercover police officer.[19]

Gilbert Deya, 2006

Kenyan-born Deya moved to the United Kingdom in the 1990s and started a number of churches. He claims to have supernatural powers that allow him to make infertile women become pregnant and give birth. However, police investigations in the UK and Kenya concluded that Deya and his wife were stealing Kenyan babies. Deya was arrested in London during December 2006 and as of January 2010 he is currently fighting extradition to Kenya.[20]

Richard Roberts, 2007

In October 2007, televangelist Richard Roberts (son of the late tevevangelist Oral Roberts), was president of Oral Roberts University until his forced resignation on November 23, 2007. Roberts was named as a defendant in a lawsuit alleging improper use of university funds for political and personal purposes and improper use of university resources.

Earl Paulk, 2007

Earl Paulk (no relation to John Paulk) was the founder and head pastor of Chapel Hill Harvester Church in Decatur, Georgia from 1960 until the 1990s. A number of women from the congregation came forward during the 1990s claiming that Paulk had sexual relations with them. Some of these claims have subsequently been proven correct. Moreover, Donnie Earl Paulk, the current senior pastor of the church and nephew of Earl Paulk, had a court-ordered DNA test in 2007 which showed that he was Earl's son, not his nephew, which means that Earl and his sister-in-law had had a sexual relationship which led to Donnie's birth.[21]

Coy Privette, 2007

Privette is a Baptist pastorconservative activist, and politician in the U.S. state of North Carolina. Privette was president of the Christian Action League and a prominent figure in North Carolina moral battles. In 2007, Privette resigned as president of North Carolina's Christian Action League and from the Board of Directors of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, following revelations on July 19 that he had been charged with six counts of aiding and abetting prostitution.[22]

Thomas Wesley Weeks, III, 2007

Weeks married fellow evanglist Juanita Bynum in 2002, but they separated in May 2007. In August 2007, Weeks physically assaulted Bynum in a hotel parking lot and was convicted of the crime in March 2008. The couple divorced in June 2008 and Weeks remarried in October 2009.

Michael Reid, 2008

Bishop Michael Reid (born 1944) is a Christian evangelist in EssexEngland and founder of Michael Reid Ministries who resigned from the role of pastor at Peniel Church in April 2008, after admitting to an eight-year extra-marital sexual relationship. The scandal was widely reported online[23][24][25] and in UK newspapers.[26][27] He has since re-developed an itinerant evangelistic ministry and has been speaking at a number of churches in the UK and overseas.

Joe Barron, 2008

Joe Barron, one of the 40 ministers at Prestonwood Baptist Church, one of the largest churches in the United States with 26,000 members, was arrested on May 15, 2008 for solicitation of a minor after driving from the Dallas area to Bryan, Texas, in order to allegedly engage in sexual relations with what he thought to be a 13 year-old girl he had met online. The "girl" turned out to be an undercover law enforcement official.[28][29][30]

Todd Bentley, 2008

Canadian Todd Bentley rose to prominence as the evangelist at the Lakeland Revival in Florida, which began in April 2008. Bentley claimed that tens of thousands of people were healed at the revival, but a June 2008 investigation by ABC Nightline could not find a single confirmed case. Bentley took a short break after the program was broadcast, but returned to leading the meetings. However, in August 2008 he stepped down permanently when it was revealed he was separating from his wife, Shonnah, and was in a relationship with Jessa Hasbrook, a member of his staff.[31]

Tony Alamo, 2008

On September 20, 2008, FBI agents raided Tony Alamo Christian Ministries headquarters as part of a child pornographyinvestigation.[32][33] This investigation involved allegations of physical abuse, sexual abuse and allegations of polygamy and underage marriage. According to Terry Purvis, mayor of FoukeArkansas, his office has received complaints from former ministry members about allegations of child abusesexual abuse and polygamy since the ministry established itself in the area, and in turn, Purvis turned over information about the allegations to the FBI.[34] Investigators at the scene plan to conduct a search of ministry headquarters and the home of Alamo and interview children present on the compound. In late July 2009, Alamo (who had a previous conviction for tax evasion in the 1990s) was convicted on ten counts of transporting minors across state lines for sexual purposes, sexual assault and other crimes. On November 13, 2009, he was sentenced to the maximum punishment of 175 years in prison.[35][36]

Senate probe

In 2007, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) opened a probe into the finances of six televangelists who preach a "prosperity gospel".[37] The probe investigates reports of lavish lifestyles by televangelists including: fleets of Rolls Royces, palatial mansions, private jets and other expensive items. These luxuries are purportedly paid for by television viewers who donate due to the ministry's requests for tithes. The six under investigation are Kenneth Copeland and Gloria Copeland of Kenneth Copeland Ministries of Newark, Texas; Creflo Dollar and Taffi Dollar of World Changers Church International and Creflo Dollar Ministries of College Park, Ga; Benny Hinn of World Healing Center Church Inc. and Benny Hinn Ministries of Grapevine, Texas; Eddie L. Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and Bishop Eddie Long Ministries of Lithonia, Ga; Joyce Meyer and David Meyer of Joyce Meyer Ministries of Fenton, Mo; Randy White and ex-wife Paula White of the multiracial Without Walls International Church and Paula White Ministries of Tampa.[38]