Thursday, January 15, 2015


JEWS ARE PEDDLING sex around the globe. The hub for the trafficking of Jewish-sponsored prostitution is the Zionist State of Israel which the Evangelicals say is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy!
“Israel has become a routine destination for the global trafficking of women and girls as young as 12 years old,” noted Leonard Fein in Jewish News Weekly @ Israel’s Prostitution Hub And See: JEWISH TRIBUNE’S Report On Jewish Sex Slavery
Amnesty International, in its 2005 Report on Discrimination Against Women in Israel says:
——- “In the wake of large scale immigration to Israel, links between prostitution traffickers in Israel and former Soviet republics. Some 3,000 to 5,000 women are brought annually into Israel and forced to work as sex workers.” ——-
FOR THE LAST 125 years Jews have also controlled organized prostitution in Europe, the United States, and South America.
Jewish historian Edward Bristow, in his book Prostitution and Prejudice: the Jewish Fight against White Slavery, says:
——- “In Eastern and Central Europe, Jews dominated the international prostitution traffic that networked to North and South America, to India, Greece, and Europe. Jewish pimps preyed mostly on non-Jewish women. Many of the Jewish underworld figures saw no gap between their prostitution trafficking and their religious lives. A Warsaw thug, Shlomo Letzsky, organized a synagogue for Jewish madams, and pimps. This criminal community even had a rabbinical court to settle disputes between pimps.” ——-
In America, the Jew Reuben Sturman was a multi-million dollar pornographer operating out of a dark and dingy warehouse in Cleveland Ohio. Sturman was making around $300 million per year when he died (and went to hell) in 1997.
The Jew-writer Eric Schlosser praised pornographer Sturman in aUS News & World Report (owned by Jew Mortimer Zuckerman), eulogy upon Sturman’s death: “Sturman was a marketing genius whose intelligence and boundless self-confidence were responsible for his successes.” Well what more can we expect from these wretched Jews who stick together in their slime?
HOLLYWOOD JEWS OWN the foremost movie production companies that spew out sex and Anti Christian filth:
1. Universal Studios/MCA: Edgar Bronfman Jr., Owner of Seagram Liquor Co; President of the World Jewish Congress.
2. Paramount Pictures: Sherry Lansing, Chairman.
3.Warner Bros: Warren Lieberford, President.
4. Miramax Films: Harvey Weinstein, CEO
5. Columbia Pictures: Amy Pascal (Changed Her Jewish Last Name); Produced Bad Boys & Da Vinci Code
6. Turner Entertainment: Brad Siegal, President.
7. Dream Works: Steven Spielberg, Jerry Katzenberg, David Geffen.
8. New World Entertainment: Ronald Perlman; Owner of Revlon.
THE HOLLYWOOD JEW as listed above, spews out an endless series of perverted films to debase and degenerate the youth of America & Europe.
The message of the Hollywood Jew is the “heroism” of theisolated individual, stateless and rootless, outside of society and family, whose life is the pursuit of erotic pleasure. It is not the normal and healthy love of man and wife bound together by many children that the Hollywood Jew preaches, but a diseased erotic-for-its-own-sake, the sexual love of two grains of human sand, superficial and impermanent.
The Hollywood Jew cares nothing for the highest of Christian values, namely, marriage, honour, duty, patriotism, discipline, dedication of self to a higher aim. The Hollywood Jew distorts the God-created sexual life. The Hollywood Jew has created instead, “eroto-mania” which obsesses its millions of youthful victims throughout America and Europe.
HOW DO WE stop the sex-peddling Jews? We must first commit our own lives to Jesus Christ ourselves and regular Church attendance.
Then we must insist that Jews no longer remain a “nation within a nation” but become Christians and join the “brotherhood of man” in the Mystical Body of Christ. Then we need to teach the Jews basic moral and ethical conduct.
Hopefully, this will save the Jews from the coming backlash against them which history shows is inevitable. For time and time again - when the Jews showed themselves to be a cancer in society, as they are now, the host nations struck back!