Saturday, December 19, 2015

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TRUTH – The New Hate Speech

TRUTH – The New Hate Speech
I have seen many people calling Donald Trump racist and just ripping him apart for nothing more than being honest and telling the truth. The truth is – The U.S. ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT allow anymore Muslims into the U.S. until we figure out how to PROPERLY distinguish between fundamental or radical Muslims and those who want to assimilate into our culture. Those who do not want to assimilate into our culture, should not be allowed to immigrate to our country. And this goes for ANYONE, not just Muslims.
If someone wants to come to the United States, that person and his family should be 100% ready to be an American, including learning to speak English, supporting American values, and being willing to accept, and be a part of, our culture. If someone is not willing to do these things, then they should not be considered a viable choice to immigrate to the U.S.
We used to know these things. President Theodore Roosevelt stated, “Every immigrant who comes here should be required, within five years, to learn English or leave the country.” This statement came from one of the greatest presidents we have ever had. But just think how the establishment today would respond if Donald Trump were to make a statement like that. He would be called racist, small-minded and un-American. He would have those who have no respect for the 1st Amendment, call for him to be banned from the debates or from being able to speak in public.
If you doubt what I am saying, just consider this – There are several mayors who are calling for Trump to be banned from their cities because of his beliefs. There are “highly intelligent” college students, (yes, I am being facetious) today who are calling for Trump to be censured and banned from their campuses. Politicians and media are calling for Trump to step out of the presidential race because he is willing to be too honest for their taste. They call his views un-American.
If you want to know what is truly un-American, I will tell you. It is truly un-American to try to limit someone’s freedom of speech because you don’t agree with, or don’t like, what he is saying. It is un-American to try to ban someone from expressing his opinion. It is un-American for the American media to refuse to cover the news in a straight-forward, unbiased way, and instead becoming seedy talk show hosts which promote only their own views and try to destroy one candidate or the other, because they disagree with his views. It is un-American for our media to play favorites and try to influence the American voters with half-truths and outright lies. It is un-American for college students to try to ban another American from their campus because they disagree with his beliefs.
This is what is going on today. Our media is corrupt and bias. They view you as nothing more than sheep that need to be guided. They think you are too dumb to make hear the news and make up your own mind about what you have heard; so they edit the news for you and tell you what you should think. They see the average American as uneducated and simple-minded; so instead of giving you the news, they try to tell you what to think, what is right, who to support, and who you should never listen to. THIS is un-American! You are being played!
Censorship is wrong. It is used for two purposes – to limit your choices and to influence your thinking. In short, the media, the celebrities, and the politicians tell you what to think. They all see themselves as so much intelligent, more educated, and more enlightened than you, that they have a responsibility to influence how you think, because you are not intelligent enough to think for yourself. This brings us back to the Muslim immigration issue.
Trump is absolutely right. Instead of trying to be politically correct, he is courageous enough to tell the truth, to put his true beliefs out there and allow the American people to decide. He is not the one that is trying to censure what you hear or tell you what to believe. He is standing alone against the Republican establishment, the Democratic establishment, the corrupt media who wants to be your keeper, the Middle East countries who have come out against him, CAIR (which is label a terrorist organization by the way), the politicians who have gotten us into this mess to start with, and all of the other organizations which have attacked him.
He is willing to be honest with you, straight-forward and politically incorrect, and is being attacked from every side because of it. And, do you want to know what the kicker is? Trump is right! We should not allow Syrian immigrants into our country and we should absolutely put a temporary ban on Muslims immigrants until we can figure out how to really weed out the fundamentalists and radicals. He is right about the southern border. He is right about our politicians and their abilities to deal with other countries. He is right about our politicians being bought. Hey, I worked in politics; I can back up this fact myself. I have seen how the political games work.
But those who are in control of this country do no want to lose their power. They want to remain in control no matter what. And to my astonishment, the sheep keep voting them back into power. Congress has a 90% disapproval rating and, get this, a 90% RE-RELECTION RATE! I hate to tell you, but THIS IS ON YOU, THE AMERICAN VOTER.
It is time to take off the blinders. For the first time in my lifetime, you are being offered a legitimate choice to break away from the political stranglehold that the political establishments and the media have over your life. I strongly recommend that you take that chance, because you may never get another one.
It seems that the strongest attacks on Trump have been because of his views on temporarily banning Islamic immigration to the U.S., but he is absolutely right. Don’t believe me, or Trump? There are 100’s of millions of fundamental and radical Muslims who are dangerous to our country and our way of life. Here is a wonderful video put together by a PRACTICING MUSLIM who is willing to give you the truth and back it up with specific numbers. If you really want to know the truth about the Islamic threat involved in continuing to be politically correct when it comes to Islam, then watch  the above video.