Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Ephesians 6 Warrior for Christ. The Battle is on. Are you a Spiritual Warrior?

Wikipedia describes a warrior as a person skilled in combat or warfare, especially within the context of a tribal or clan-based society that recognizes a separate warrior class.

Let me share an excerpt from “WAR AND THE SOUL” By Edward Tick on what a warrior is:
A Warrior is not just one who has been to war and returned. Warrior has been recognized as a basic ideal, pattern of thinking and behaving, and social role that has occurred since the beginning of time. Becoming a warrior is an achievement of character. . .

He continues: What are the characteristics of the warrior? The ideal warrior is assertive, active
and energized. He or she is clear-minded, strategic, and alert. A warrior uses both body and mind in harmony and cooperation. A warrior is disciplined. A warrior assesses both his own resources and skills and those arrayed against him. A warrior is a servant of civilization and its future, guiding, protecting, and passing on information and wisdom. A warrior is devoted to causes he judges to be more important and greater than himself or any personal relationships or gain. Having confronted death, a warrior knows how precious and fragile life is and does not abuse or profane it.
I cannot imagine a better description of a warrior than the above. If we were to take that description of a warrior and super impose it over our Christian walk, how would we rate as warriors?

Are we assertive, active and energized in our faith? I’m not talking about being pushy or in someone’s face asking them if they know Jesus. I’m talking about unshakable faith where we refuse to shrink with down cast eyes when challenged in our faith of an invisible God. Are we are willing to stand up to evil in all its forms, and cast down foul spirits in Jesus’ name? Would we fight for and die for our King?
Are we daily training in the art of spiritual warfare? Are we honing our skills and making sure the Armor of God fits us correctly, or do we need God’s help adjusting some of them.
Are we a servant of our civilization, and of the noble Christian walk that men and women once held honorable? Are we devoted to a cause we judge to be more important and greater than ourselves or any personal relationships or gain? Do we accept and understand how fragile, important and how precious every life is?
Do we walk with our heads held high, not in pride or vanity, but in deep spiritual honor of our God and King?

Jesus Christ was humble and meek, but He was not a push over. He was kind and gentle, but he was also strong and pulled no punches with spiritual pretenders like the Pharisees.
To be a Christian Warrior, we must train our hearts and minds, just as rigorously as Navy Seals train their bodies and minds. Many soldiers try out to become Navy Seals, but only a certain amount makes it. That doesn’t mean that they quit being solders or are no longer of great value? No, it just means they don’t have what it takes to become the ultimate warrior.
It’s the same with the Christian Warrior; not everyone has what it takes, or is willing to train and endure what’s necessary to become a Warrior for Christ. That doesn’t mean they’re not important or don’t have an important place in God’s Kingdom, it just means they might not have what it takes to be a Warrior for God.

It reminds me of: Matthew 22:14 “For many are called, but few are chosen.” Do we give what it takes to be an Ultimate Warrior for Christ?
Again, from “WAR AND THE SOUL” By Edward Tick, “A Warrior has been recognized as a basic ideal, pattern of thinking and behaving, and social role that has occurred since the beginning of time. Becoming a warrior is an achievement of character”. Can this be said about our Christian walk?
What about you? Do you have what it takes?
This isn’t a matter of spiritual pride or haughtiness; it’s a matter of commitment, attitude, desire, and a willingness to give it all. Are you willing?

The way you become a Christian Warrior is to first become aware of what a Christian Warrior is. It’s not about perfection in your walk, it’s about attitude, dedication and commitment. It’s about loving and putting others before you, and being willing to lay it all down in the service of Jesus Christ.
None of us is perfect, and we all fall far short, but where is your commitment level? Are you willing to keep getting up every time you’re knocked down or fall down? Are you willing to give it all, even as imperfectly as it might be?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you are on the path of the Christian Warrior. No matter what happens, be willing to keep going and never give up. The closer you draw to God, the more the Adversary will try to trip you up, but remember, you have spiritual battle implements, and if you remain close to God, He will remain close to you.
I wish you God’s speed on your path as a Christian Warrior!

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