Covert Actions - Ninja - Bohdi Sanders
Sometimes it is better to wait,
to undermine your enemies covertly,
rather than hitting them straight on.
Robert Greene

A lot of people believe that losing their temper and attacking their enemy in a fit of rage makes them stronger and helps them fight better. This is a misconception. While anger can get your adrenaline pumping and make you feel unbeatable, it also gives you tunnel vision and opens your mind up to making fatal mistakes.
Furthermore, even if it actually did make you stronger and more fierce, rushing in to attack your enemy is not always the best strategy. It is usually better to think about the situation rationally first. The Japanese ninja thought it was much better to take care of issues and enemies covertly and undermine their abilities to fight back.
This is even more important in today’s world where law enforcement is quick to press charges against you for defending yourself physically. Covert actions can take care of many enemies without ever having to get physical or risk time and money fighting the legal system.
In our current technological culture, many of your enemies will attack you covertly as well; so it is vital that you understand how to defend yourself from such attacks. A good man’s enemies are usually not men of character and honor. They are cowardly men of low morals and poor character.
These kind of people would rather attack from behind their computer screen or through some other passive-aggressive measures. You must know how to defend yourself from such attacks.
I have said many times that you can’t win a soccer game if your opponent is playing by football rules and you play by normal soccer rules. That will only end in your slaughter. You must fight fire with fire. You must know how your enemy plays the game in order to beat their strategy.
If some low-life is attacking you covertly, you must understand how to counter their attacks and hit back in kind. If you co-worker is covertly attacking your reputation with your boss, and you burst into his office and punch him in the face, you lose. You will be going to jail and he will have accomplished his goal of destroying you.
You must be smart enough to counter his covert attempt to destroy you with your own covert actions which counter his cowardly attacks. Many people think that this is lowering yourself to his level. It isn’t. It is simply another form of self-defense.
Not all self-defense is physical. In fact, you will have to defend yourself against many more of these kinds of attacks during your lifetime, than physical attacks. That is the topic of my TOP 10 Bestseller, Defensive Living: The Other Side of Self-Defense.
Self-Defense encompasses much more than physical attacks. To keep yourself and your family completely safe, you must learn how to defend yourself in every way, not just physically. Sometimes a covert action is necessary to defeat your enemy. Remember, not all self-defense is physical.

Bohdi Sanders
author of the TOP 10 BESTSELLER
DEFENSIVE LIVING: The Other Side of Self-Defense